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"The Ten Easy Steps to Homeownership"

This is where we will go into the details of how to purchase a home in Houston.

Step 1 -  Getting to know your Realtor
  At Eagle, Realtors we feel strongly that you should get to know us and we need to get to know you and your wants and desires.  We prefer to do this in person.  We will be glad to discuss your needs and desires by phone or email but this will be a lengthy process of searching for a home, financing a home, and closing on the home.  We will be glad to meet you at our office or at a property that is currently for sale.
Step 2 -  Getting Pre-Qualified or Pre-Approved
  This is one of the most important steps involved in buy your home. If you need to get financing for your purchase you need to know under what terms and conditions that you can borrow the money for the home. At Eagle, Realtors we will work with your lender if you have already chosen one or we can recommend to you Lenders that we have come to respect as leaders in their field.

We find that many home buyers do not understand that the down payment and interest rates vary greatly on different loan programs and with different lenders.  At Eagle, Realtors we want to be able to help you to the best of our ability and to do this we need to know how much if any the lender will require from you in "Down Payment", "Closing Cost", "Escrow Items", and also what interest rate they will be charging so that we can obtain from them an estimated move in cost and estimated monthly payment on the homes that you will consider. 
 Step 3 -  Locating your home
  With the internet and search engines like the one on our search page, it is often the homebuyer that actually finds the home or homes that you wish to see.  At Eagle, Realtors we also do business the old fashioned way and we locate the homes on your behalf.  We can send by email to you a wide variety of reports on each home once you are working with us as a client. These reports often making the decision process much easier.  We can calculate the total move-in cost and monthly payments for you and let you know about the flood plain, comparable available homes and sales in the area.  If you are interested in possibly leasing the home out in the future we will also supply you with rental comparables.

On our search page you can search for homes by price, area, subdivision and many other variables.  Through the complete MLS search engine available to Eagle, Realtors we can narrow your search down even further to eliminate homes that do not meet your exact criteria.

We can set up an automatic process where you will be notified of the new listings on a daily basis that meet your specific needs. We have found that most of the great deals on homes sell within the first 5 days that they are on the market. In today's computer driven real estate market, if you are not on the ball and watching for the best deals daily you will be saying what fishermen have said for years "You should have seen the one that got away".

 Step 4 -  Making an offer
  Making an offer to purchase a home has never been easier.  Today's computer programs allow us to generate an offer for you in a matter of a few minutes. We can email the offer to you for acceptance and you can fax the offer back to our computer so that we can then forward it to the other agent if any and get an answer for you on your offer very quickly.

IN making a bid on a HUD home, the process is very similar but please refer to our HUD Home Information Page for further details on the process.
 Step 5 -  Acceptance of your offer
  Once your offer has been accepted by the seller we will then deposit your earnest money deposit with the Title Company that will close your home.  We will convey to you the contact information for them along with
 Step 6 -  Inspecting the home
  The importance of a home inspection goes without saying, but just in case you don't understand. You should have the home you are buying inspected by a professional real estate inspector. The inspector will look at a variety of items in the home including the structural components, roof, foundation, appliances, heating and cooling systems, electrical and plumbing systems.  If you are purchasing a HUD home
 Step 7 -  Completing the loan process
  We will help you finalize the paperwork with your lender to insure a smooth transaction.
 Step 8 -  Closing on your home
  We will accompany you to your closing to make sure that everything is taken care of for you.  You will review the documents and sign the closing papers on the home. Then receive access to the home.
 Step 9 -  Moving into your home
  We help with all of the above steps but we do not move you in.  We can recommend several local or long distance movers if you like.  From time to time we have available to us discount coupons for rental truck companies such as Ryder Trucks or U-Haul.
 Step 10 -  Relax and enjoy your new home
  Go ahead a get that big screen plasma TV. You deserve it, your now a homeowner. 



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