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We have compiles numerous reports on a wide variety of subjects related to Real Estate in the Houston Texas marketplace. Listed below by subject headings are some of t
he most recent reports available  to our clients.

any of the reports below are in the process of being updated: If the report is underlined it is now available and click on the report title to view the report.  You will need the Adobe Acrobat reader software to view these reports.  If you do not have it you can download it for free at www.Adobe.com

These reports are in the process of being updated and revised.  We will have these new reports published shortly.  If the link below has a Hyperlink then it is active and available.  

  What's the difference in the many types of appraisals used.
  Do I need an Attorney in a Real Estate Transaction in Texas
  What an Attorney will do for me
  How do I get a copy of my credit report
First Time Homeowners:
  What are the special loan programs available
  What about grants
  What about Down Payment Assistance
  I want to buy a home but I am in a lease for several months
First Time Investors:
  Getting Started in Real Estate Investments
  Real Estate Investment vs. Speculation
  How to read a Flood Map
  How to locate the map for my home
  Obtaining Flood Insurance
  If you are facing Foreclosure in Texas
  Legal Steps to Foreclose on a loan in Texas
Home Sellers:
  How to price your home
  But another agent told me my house was worth more
  What minor repairs mean big dollars on my home?
  How to prepare the home for sale
  What to expect, the home sales process
Home Buyers:
  Where do I start?
  What to expect in the home buying process
Houston Housing Market Updates:
Interest Rates:
  Interest Rates (Historical Charts)
  Current Interest Rates
  Predictions for the future
  What has an affect on the interest rate
  What about an adjustable rate mortgage
  Interest Only loans - Good deal or Nightmare
Investor Programs:
  So you want to be a Real Estate Investor
  I want to Flip properties like I see on late night TV
  Get Rich Quick vs. Get Rich Slow !
  Tax Benefits of Residential Real Estate
Insurance in Texas
  Conventional Loans
  FHA Mortgages
  VA Loans
  Loans for borrowers with Credit Challenges
  Loans for Self Employed Individuals
  Investor Loan Programs
  Rehab Loans for Fixer Upper Homes
  Mortgage Banks vs. Mortgage Bankers
Mortgage Facts:
  Fixed vs. Adjustable rates
  15 year vs. 30 year mortgages
  Historical Interest rates
  Predictions for the future, look here to see exactly what will happen in the future.
Real Estate Scam Alerts:
  Sandwich Leases, investors selling homes that they don't own.
  Credit Fraud
  Identity theft
  Straw buyers, using your credit to get a loan for someone else
  What is a survey
  Do I need a new survey
  Sample Survey
Title Policies:
  Why do I need a Title Policy?
  Title Policy Cost
  Does the seller get to choose the Title Company?
Taxes in Texas
  Tax Rates
  Why Texas taxes seam very high compared to other states.

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